For Parents

kidsNeurobehavioral Systems is a specialty “Neuropsychiatry” clinical group near Austin, Texas. “Neuropsychiatry” refers to a medical specialty which blends Psychiatry and Neurology. We treat both mental illness and brain problems, along with family issues. We specialize in successfully treating even very “hard to treat” children and teens. Most of our patients can be extremely irritable, moody and/or explosively aggressive. They may also be dangerously impulsive. Their behaviors may have resulted in multiple hospitalizations.

We are successful with most of these children because of our brain-based approach. Since each individual’s situation is unique and may include additional complicating circumstances, there is no guarantee, but published Outcome Studies demonstrate that 80% of medication compliant patients have improved and had not been re-hospitalized for aggression at one year after discharge (Wetherill, 2006).

An important part of our patients’ improvement is that prior to admission, children are screened for risk factors that indicate a possible brain disorder that should respond to this approach. These risk factors include adoption, premature birth, difficult delivery, Epilepsy, and multiple concussions.