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index-fillNeurobehavioral Systems is a Pediatric Neuropsychiatry specialty group near Austin, Texas. Pediatric Neuropsychiatry refers to Child/Adolescent disorders that include both mental illness and a mild brain disorder.

Our clinical group specializes in the successful remediation of explosive or impulsively aggressive youth who’ve not previously responded to treatment. Children referred are carefully screened for clinical indicators which suggest an underlying brain disorder that may be causing or exacerbating behaviors.


Prime candidates for Neuropsychiatric treatment

I. Ages 5-17 with severe emotional and behavioral disorders with the following signs of a comorbid known or suspected mild brain disorder

  • Exposure of fetus to toxic substance
  • Premature birth with breathing problems
  • Difficult pregnancy, delivery or late development
  • Hypoxia at birth or subarachnoid hemorrhage
  • Mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) or multiple concussions
  • History of neurologic disease (e.g. encephalitis, seizures)
  • Laboratory evidence of a brain disorder (abnormal CT, MRI, EEG or Neuropsychology)

II. Ages 5-17 with a history of the following

  • Repetitive rage behavior (with no provocation, no gain)
  • Frequent impulsive aggression (not pre-meditated)
  • Chronic irritability (more severe than episodic mood swings)
  • Poor planning (runaways with no plan or money, nowhere to go)
  • Severe dangerous impulsivity (jumps from a moving car)
  • Very short attention span (no response to ADHD treatment)
  • Adopted (no birth or developmental history or suspected FAE)
  • Extreme emotions (explosive anger, severe depression, chronic anxiety)
  • Multiple diagnoses, treatments, and hospitalizations, but still unstable (emotionally and behaviorally)