A different approach for aggressive or impulsive children and teens

Since 1995, Neurobehavioral Systems has provided specialized assessment and treatment services for neuropsychiatric and neurobehavioral disorders. The primary focus continues to be the successful treatment of previously treatment resistant aggressive or impulsive children.

When the Neurobehavioral Systems’ neuropsychiatric treatment protocol is applied in long term residential treatment (of impulsively aggressive adolescents), outcome studies have demonstrated positive results of better than 80% for medication compliant patients. Medication compliant refers to the continuation of the appropriate dose of the anticonvulsant/mood stabilizing medication. Positive outcome means that, when compliance with the anticonvulsant, mood stabilizing medication continues at one year after discharge, the parent or managing conservator reports the patient has no further episodes of moderate to severe aggression, no re-hospitalizations, or incarceration, and has followed the aftercare plan with continuation of school or work (Wetherill,2006).

The key to the Neuropsychiatric approach is a thorough evaluation of brain function and psychosocial factors, followed by an appropriate medication regimen and therapies modified to best address other newly identified learning disabilities such as lack of short term verbal memory.